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kids yoga props

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is on weekly at Yoga Space Gippsland.

This is such a fun and character building class as kids learn to listen to their bodies and connect with their breath in a joyous and playful way.

Monday afternoons at 3:45pm.

teenagers doing yoga

Morning Yoga Classes

Take a breath, find some movement and start your days in
the perfect way.

We have yoga classes running weekday mornings.

Chair Yoga

A yoga class suitable for seniors or anyone with serious injuries as all poses are done seated or using the chair for support. A gentle way to increase your strength, flexibility and balance.

Chair Yoga runs every Monday at 12 noon.

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wellness retreat

May's Self Care Inner Bliss Retreat

What is self care to you?
If you answered, lighting some candles, running a warm bath and giving yourself some pampering; you are absolutely right! HOWEVER… in this weekend retreat we are going to explore self care on a deeper level. This means we are going to really find what self care means for us and learn how to create tiny habits that lead us to a better life of self care and self love, making sure we are adding in those important moments for ourselves everyday!

We also have a very special event by Gippsland Kirtan.
You will have the opportunity to join in on a Cacao Ceremony leading into a Kirtan Gathering. Don’t let us loose you here, this is going to be a beautifully safe and love filled afternoon and is very much worth stepping out of your comfort zone.

This weekend is a magical ones not to be missed. You can contact us with any more questions or click here to book now.