yoga poses to wake up to
These 4 poses are amazing to use to wake the body up on those sluggish mornings. 
And even better news… they can all be modified to do before even getting out of your warm bed!
Happy stretching!
childs pose
cat cow yoga pose
side stretch
forward fold stretch

This is a great pose to transition you into movement and waking up the body. Roll over into your child’s pose when your alarm goes off. Gently rock those hips side to side and stretch out the arms.

Not only do these stretches feel amazing together. They have so many benefits. Doing this stretch first thing in the morning will help you connect your breath to your movement, loosen up the muscles though out the back and neck while increasing the circulation of blood between the vertebrae, helping to relieve that morning back pain.

These can be done laying down, seated or once your feet hit the floor. Take long stretches to each side and as you do, breathe deeply, feel that breath expand the ribs creating a deeper stretch into the side body.

Again, you can do this while still being rugged up in your doona… stretching to touch your toes. Or make your way out of bed and let the upper body hang towards the floor, swaying side to side. This loosens up the hamstrings and through the back, neck and shoulders. Yum!

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