Crystal Connection Retreat

Are you interested or have a love for crystals and would like to learn a little more?
We have a weekend retreat where you can immerse yourself into a therapeutic weekend of yoga, meditation, healthy wholesome meals, luxury accommodation, and best of all, crystal workshops where you can learn all the basics about your favourite crystals.

What you will learn in your workshops

  • Basic crystals and their metaphysical propertie
  • How to cleanse and charge crystals
  • How to set intentions with your crystals
  • Meditating with crystals
  • Crystals and the chakras

Included in your gem filled weekend

  • 2 nights luxury accommodation
  • Healthy meals
  • Daily Yoga/Meditation Practise
  • Crystal Workshops and Booklet
  • Your very own crystals to take home
rose quartz gemstone

An overview of your weekend...

Day 1
Check in and relax before joining everybody in a Crystal Connection Mediation to start our weekend. We will then enjoy our evening with dinner, a nice glass of wine and conversation with like-minded people

Day 2
Start your morning with a yoga flow class to get you moving before we sit down to a healthy and energising breakfast. You will then receive your booklet and gemstones and spend the day in our Crystal Workshops learning all about these magical gems and answering as many of your questions as we can! There will be lunch served at 1pm as well as a little free time. We will finish up late in the afternoon and have a lovely sit down dinner to finish off the day.

Day 3
To finish off your lovely weekend, join in for a Chakra Yoga and Meditation Flow, followed by breakfast and chats. Check out will be 10:30am and the day will have sessions open for private Crystal Healings.