Chair yoga; great for the young at heart!

For all the people out there that think they are too old (or unfit or have physical disabilities) for yoga. Think again!

Yoga is suitable for everyone with just a little tweaking and a few modifications. And it is especially important for seniors to be keeping up their physically activity to keep them able and fitter for as long as possible.

Yoga assists in keeping all the muscles in the body active and stronger for longer, allowing older people to enjoy their later years by being more mobile. Yoga will help keep their balance in check, which seems to drift away with age. With regular practice, their balance will be more dominate and it will also help with stiffness by helping maintaining a bit of flexibility within the body. Yoga is also great to reduce swelling in the joints, improve blood flow, reduce blood pressure and ease chronic pain as well as  assist in digestion and will hopefully give them a better night sleep.

Along with all the great physical benefits yoga has, it’s great for practicing focus and concentration which can help keep that memory ticking for a little bit longer. It’s great for improving moods and for overall health and wellbeing.

chair yoga
chair yoga
chair yoga

What to expect in a class?

We start off with some deep breathing and slowly make our way into gentle stretches and movement. All poses from here are done sitting on the chair or standing and having the chair available to help us balance. Support will always be provided and the chance to sit and take a moment is always accessible.
Different poses will be practiced for strength, flexibility and balance. And the class will end with Savasana; a nice few minutes to rest and reflect on the class.