Kids Yoga runs weekly at Yoga Space Gippsland during the school term.
Watch out for additional school holiday classes.

Monday afternoons at 3:45pm. Classes run for 30 minutes and are $10 per child. Suggested ages 5-10yo and bookings are essential. Contact Kaycie for more information or to book in.

Why yoga for children?

Children are at that young age where they are impressionable and easily pick up habits… so shouldn’t you have them pick up good habits?

Yoga for kids is fantastic for their growing bodies because it helps them maintain their flexibility and build strength and balance; this can result in fewer accidents and injuries. Now wouldn’t all parents love that!?
Kids are growing up in a busy and technology filled world and their minds are often over stimulated. This can make it difficult to sit, be still and stay focused. Yoga assists children with practicing concentration and expanding their awareness. From here we also practice focusing on our breath and bodies to find mindfulness and stillness.
Yoga benefits children in their social skills and confidence. Here they will be joining a group of encouragement, where we learn that everyone is unique and poses can look different varying from child to child and this is okay. Confidence is also built in yoga, when a child learns to master a pose this makes them feel proud and also teaches them that persistence and practice is important.
Creativity! Creativity is so important with children. We see it everyday when they are inventing new games and making up imaginary items. Yoga classes are fun and imaginative, allowing kids to be free, creative and express themselves in a healthy and fun way.

The benefits of yoga are unlimited and amazing for everyone (especially your children). So invest in them and their future by sharing your practice with them, purchasing a children’s yoga pose book or bringing them along to a class!

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What to expect in a class?

In our classes, we start with a few creative breathing techniques before moving on into learning poses through movement, games, visual activities and stories. We finish our classes traditionally with Savasana; where we lead the children through a brief guided relaxation to rest and reflect on their hard work and great efforts.