There are many meditation types that centre around mindfulness, focus and stillness. It is in these practises that we take time for ourselves to be present and train the mind to slow down and relax. Our busy paced lives today cause so much over thinking, stress and anxiety and that’s why a regular meditation practise can have so many physical, mental and emotional benefits.

At Jadence, our meditations usually focus on the breath and visualisation through guided meditations. This is a great way to begin or further your practise as you are having something to focus and refer back to so you don’t get too carried away with your thoughts.

Meditation classes we offer:

  • Guided Meditation; Relax and allow yourself to let go of thoughts as you are verbally guided through mindfulness process or a meditate journey.
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation; Focused on sound vibrations and the chakras, this meditation will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
meditating on mediation pillow

What to expect in a mediation class?

Time to settle and get comfortable, close the eyes and begin to relax through the body. Often the lights will be dimmed and quiet music playing in the background as you are gently guided through a mediation of sorts. Here is your time of peace and quiet in a relaxing space. It is advised to wear comfortable clothing and bring along any props that will make you more comfortable as you generally will be seated/laying for 30 minutes.