Coming into your teenager years is very exciting but can also be a little scary and defiantly have a few tough times along the way. All these new things and changes in your life can make you emotional and stressed as well as take effect on your physical bodies– in addition to those body changes that are already happening.

Yoga can be used as a great tool to assist you in this time of your life. Physically, yoga can help you become fitter and healthier, its great for building strength, flexibility and give you better balance. It can also help you improve in other sports that you play. Yoga can help you with those times you feel a little lost or depressed as it can help you get in touch with how you really feel and work through those emotions. Yoga is amazing for helping you be mindful, to relax and focus; therefore helping you concentrate in your school study and allow to you de-stress and cut down on overthinking.

Overall yoga is an amazing way to look after yourself and teach you to love your body and mind for who you are. Come along and join me for yoga practices each week where we can learn to do all these things and more. We will build up to challenging ourselves and be able to express ourselves in a safe space.

teens yoga class
yoga classes for teenagers

What to expect in a class?

In these classes, we first learn to bring our attention to our breath. Beathing properly and deeply as we get used to connecting our breath with movement. We work into poses for a particular theme or area into the body. As we develop in our practise together, we start to practise more challenging and fun poses as well as including group games and activities to help our social skills. Our classes end with Savasana, a time of relaxation and rest where we can reflect on ourselves and our progress.